QA Automation Testing

  • Instructor: Abdullah
  • Students: 60
  • Duration: 5 weeks


What you’ll learn

Students will achieve clear understanding of QTP/UFT installation overview, QTP checkpoints, parameterization, variables, output values, advanced descriptive programming, environment variables, VB script functions, read/write from excel, error handling, datadriven, keyworddriven, and hybrid framework


If you have prior automation knowledge you can use it throughout the course, but not required as we will cover step-by-step processes from scratch.

Course content

Day 1

  1. Automation Overview
  2. Introduction to UFT
    • UFT Resources, Add-in Manager
    • Creating Solutions
    • Windows, toolbox
    • Multi Documents Editing
    • Keyword and Editor Views
  1. Creating a basic test from a manual test
  2. Understanding QTP Testing Results
  3. Enhance tests with Synchronization
  4. Enhance tests with Checkpoints
  5. Add Flexibility to checkpoints with Regular ExpressionsDay 2
  1. Using Parameters and Create Data Driven Tests
  2. Enhancing Checkpoints with Parameters
  3. User – Defined Environment Variable
  4. Creating Reusable and multiple modular Actions
  5. Calling or Coping existing Actions
  6. Understanding Test Results with Actions
  7. Inserting Calls to Actions
  8. Creating Scripts with Reusable Actions
  9. Using Global and Local Data SheetsDay 3
  1. Adding Steps without Recording
  2. Introduction to VBScript
    • Variables
    • Operators
    • Code commenting
    • Condition statements
    • Loops
  • Retrieve and set object properties in object  repository
  • Identify the use of object synchronization
  • Use the Report utility object
  1. Dealing with Dynamic Data
  2. Understanding Expert View
  3. Using the Debugging tools
  4. Write Custom Checkpoints for precise verification
  5. Using Bitmap CheckpointDay 4
  1. Managing Data via Excel Sheets
  2. HP UFT Object Properties Overview
  3. Managing Object Repository
  4. Understand Object Repository tools
  1. Connecting to ALM Project
  2. HP ALM Server-Side Test Runs

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