Introduction to Python


  • Introduction and course outline
  • Introduction to Python
  • Programming languages
  • Binary operations

Install and Setup

  • Install Python on Windows
  • Installing Visual Studio Code
  • Configuring Visual Studio Code

Python Basics

  • Out first Python program
  • Print statements
  • Variables and Types (int,float,string,bool)
  • Numerical operations and operator precedence
  • Expressions
  • Typecasting
  • Strings
  • Positive and negative indexing in strings
  • Slicing strings
  • String operations
  • String formatting
  • Input statements

Conditional Statements

  • If Statements
  • if/else statements
  • if/elif/else statements


  • For loops:
    • Range statement
    • Break
    • Continue
  • While loop

Lists (Mutable ordered data)

  • Definition
  • Slicing lists
  • Indexing in lists
  • For loops and lists
  • List methods
  • List compregenstion

Tuples (Immutable ordered data)

  • Definition

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Elyas Mohammad
Experienced University Lecturer with a demonstrated history of working with programming languages. Skilled in Python, C++, Java. Strong education professional with a Master's degree focused in Computer Software Engineering from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad evaluated by WES. Interests include Data Science, Computer Networks, Machine Learning and Programming.