HP Loadrunner

  • Instructor: Abdullah
  • Students: 79
  • Duration: 7 weeks

It is the most popular performance testing tool used across the globe.

We will be teaching this course from scratch, so no prior knowledge of tool or performance testing is needed. This course brings, integrated knowledge of multiple IT professionals to bring the best course in performance testing.


What you’ll learn

  • Learn latest HP Loadrunner Tool
  • Concepts of Performance Testing
  • Independently using loadrunner in your project for Performance Testing

Requirements or prerequisites?

  • Basic computer knowledge is needed


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who needs to perform Performance Testing using Loadrunner
  • Testers, Managers & Developers etc, who want to introduce performance testing in project


Course has been designed to cover each and every aspect of performance testing using load runner. The training flow will be as under:


Section 1: Introduction to Performance Testing

Section 2: Performance Testing Requirement Gathering

Section 3: Load Runner -Architecture

Section 4: Sample Application

Section 5: C Basics

Section 6: Recording Options

Section 7: Basic Understanding for Http & Customization

Section 8: Parameterization

Section 9: Correlation implementation

Section 10: Correlation Advanced

Section 11: Script Customization Options

Section 12: Load Runner – Advanced Functions with examples

Section 13: Controller setup and configuration

Section 14: Analysis of Loadrunner Reports

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