Course Category: Security


Network Security

Description Course: Network Security Module 1. Modern Network Security Threats Module 2. Securing Network Devices Secure Cisco routers Module 3. Authentication, Authorization and Accounting Module 4. Implementing Firewall Technologies Module 5. Implementing Intrusion Prevention Module 6. Securing the Local Area Network Module 7. Cryptographic Systems Implement the Cisco IOS firewall…

Cyber Security Essentials

Description Module 1: Cybersecurity and Security Operations Center Module 2: Cybersecurity Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Network Attacks Module 3: Protecting Your Data and Privacy Module 4: Protecting the Network and Organization Module 5: Network Services, Protocols, Module 6: Cryptography and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Linux For Network Engineer

Description Module 1: Linux Fundamentals Module 2: Software Installations Module 3: Working with files and directories Module 4: Network Configurations and IP Routing Module 5: Configuring IP Services Module 6: Network Troubleshooting Tools

CCNA Composite 200-301

CCNA Composite new course designed for hybrid network engineers with a security profile; the very skills desired by today’s job market. Taught by an industry professional with 10+ years of experience. COURSE: CCNA Composite (New) 200-301 Module 1: Network fundamentals Module 2: Network access Module 3: IP connectivity Module 4:…